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 JDBC Driver for MySQL C# Implementation

 JDBC Driver for MySQL with JDBC1.x & JDK1.1.X

 JDBC Driver for MySQL with JDBC2.0 & J2EE

 JDBC Driver for MySQL with JDBC3.0(JDK1.4) & J2EE

2005/1/27 Update!! for JDK1.4, C#
[ Support java.sql.Savepoint interface!! Savepoint is supported from MySQL 4.0.14 and 4.1.1 ]

2004/7/21 Update!! for JDK1.1, JDK1.3, JDK1.4, C#
[ BugFix : java.sql.Statement.setMaxRows() works correctly. ] Thanks, ZhangYuanLiang san

2004/6/15 Update!! for JDK1.3, JDK1.4
[ BugFix : java.sql.Connection.close() always throws Exception when useNewIO=true ]
[ Slight performance improvement, avoiding unnecessary synchronizations ]

2003/6/23 Update!! for JDK1.1, JDK1.3, JDK1.4, C#
[ Support TIMESTAMP(12) type!! ]
[ Support YEAR type!! (mapped to java.sql.Types.SMALLINT) ]
   (mapped to java.lang.String) ]
                                                                    Thanks, INDEN-san

[ New Feature : gwe.sql.gweNativeUnicodeMapper interface!!
   This is to be able to implement a User-Defined Character Mapping  class between byte[] and char[].
  Please refer to
            test/ ]

2003/6/22 Update!! for C#
[ New Property 'characterEncoding' to support encoding.
 Driver use Encoding.GetEncoding(encoding).XXXX methods.
 e.g., "jdbc:mysql://localhost/test?characterEncoding=shift-jis"]

2002/11/9 Fix Serious BUG!!
                    for JDK1.3 and JDK1.4

[  BugFix :  getBigDecimal() always returns Invalid value.
                                                  Thanks, Ohsako-san ]

2002/10/27 JDBC Driver C# Implementation
[  gwe.sql.gweMysqlRowSet support Updatable RowSet. ]
[  gwe.sql.gweMysqlResultSet support Updatable ResultSet. ]

2002/10/6 gweMysql vs Connector/J 3.0.1 Beta
                  Profiling Data generated by Borland Optimizeit

2002/9/23 Update!! for JDK1.3 and JDK1.4
[  gwe.sql.gweMysqlRowSet support ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE. ]

2002/9/17 Update!! for JDK1.3 and JDK1.4
[  gwe.sql.gweMysqlResultSet support ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE. ]

2002/8/14 New Release!! JDBC Driver C# Implementation
[  Add  new archive '' for C# ]
[  Support JDBC3.0 ( My original net.sql.* and netx.sql.* packages!! ]

2002/8/13 Fix BUG!! for JDK1.1.X and JDK1.3 and JDK1.4
[  java.sql.Statement#addBatch() etc... throw NullPointerException. ]
[  java.sql.ResultSet.getByte() return 0 in some cases.
                                     Thanks, Ishiguro san. ]

2002/5/27 gweMysql vs MM.MYSQL
                  Profiling Data generated by Borland Optimizeit

2002/5/26 Fix Serious BUG!!
                    for JDK1.1.X and JDK1.3 and JDK1.4

[  BugFix :  In some cases, wasNull() returns `true` even if  it is not null
                                    Thanks, Hirano-san ]
[  BugFix :  getString() returns [B????? when column type is TEXT
                                   Thanks, Satou-san ]

2002/5/4 Update!! for both JDK1.3 and JDK1.4
[  Implemented javax.sql.RowSet interface !! ]
[  Include Sample javax.sql.XADataSource implementation !!,
    tested with Borland Lite Transaction Manager(Lite TM).
    Note: prepare() method always returns XA_OK ]
[  Improved performance with `Customized` StringBuffer class. ]

2002/4/25 Update!! for JDK1.1.X
[  Improved for JDK1.1.X ]

2002/4/19 Update!! for both JDK1.3 and JDK1.4
[  BugFix : Statement.execute() and
                  PreparedStatement.execute() throw invalid exception
                 when INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE statement.
                  Sorry, this is not my bug. ;-) ]

2002/3/23 Update!! for both JDK1.3 and JDK1.4
[  Add New Property 'debugSQL' to Trace SQL Statements sent to
     MySQL Server by this JDBC Driver.
   This property is useful and helpful for Analysis about EJB's CMP Engine!!
   Please set debugSQL true and call DriverManager.setLogWiter(...) !! ]

[  Improved Speed and Memory requirement.
   gweMysql JDBC Driver is BETTER than MM.MYSQL Driver !! ]

2002/3/17 Update!! for only JDK1.4
[  Add New Property 'useNewIO' to use SocketChannel and DirectBuffer
     with JDK1.4's New I/O API.
   Please download and set useNewIO true ]

2002/3/14 Update!!
[  Add New Property 'add5CAfter5C' to solve Shift JIS 0x5C(\) problem.
   Please set add5CAfter5C true and call PreparedStatement.setString() ]

2002/3/3 Update!!
[  Add  new archive '' for JDBC3.0(JDK1.4) ]
[  Support Getting Auto Generated Key on JDBC3.0 ]

2002/2/27 Update!!
[  Bug Fix : can not receive ResultSet.getString()  when Length is between 251 and 255 ]
[  Create gweMysqlResultSetBuffer class in order to be able to Handle
    Multiple ResultSets with one Connection at a same time ]

2002/2/25 Update!!
[  implements ResultSetMetaData.getColumnClassName(int) ]
[  Support JBuilder6 ]
[  Support Borland Enterprise Server(EJB2.0) ]

2002/2/24 Update!!
[ ConnectionPoolDataSource実装にmaxPoolSizeプロパティを追加 ]

2002/2/2 Update!!
[ ResultSetをclose()した後にnext()メソッドを呼び出すツールに対する防御策を入れた ]

2002/1/30 Update!!
[ ResultSetをclose()せずに新たなクエリーを投げるツールに対する防御策を入れた ]
[ パラメータ付きクエリーでBLOBカラムを正しく更新できないツールがあったのに対応 ]

2001/12/13 Update!!
[ 長さ0の文字列でResultSet.getString()がnullを返していた不具合を修正 ]

この「JDBC Driver for MySQL」は、「GWE Technologies Limited.社」が製作する
「gweMysqlJDBC driver」を独自に改良・拡張したものです。

詳しい使い方・ライセンス等は を参考に

[New features]
 ・Support JDBC2.0 (but not fully)
 ・Support PreparedStatement interface
 ・Support BLOB column (high performance)
 ・Support Multibyte Code (ex. Shift_JIS, EUC_JP etc...)
 ・Support JDBC3.0(JDK1.4)

[New features for J2EE]
 ・return Driver Information correctly
 ・return Database MetaData correctly
 ・Support set/getAutoCommit(), commit(), rollback() method
 ・Implementation of javax.sql.DataSource !!
 ・Implementation of javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource !!
 ・Support JBuilder4, 5 and Borland AppServer !!
 ・Support JBuilder6 and Borland Enterprise Server !!

[その他 ご報告いただいた動作実績]
OS Windows 2000 Professional + SP2
JVM JDK-1.3.1_01
RDBMS MySQL-3.23.42
EJB Container JBoss-2.4.1
Stateless SessionBean x 5
Entity Bean(CMP) x 12
Servlet Container Tomcat-3.2.3

サポート・お問い合わせは、高橋 まで。